Construction Approval Requirements

Documents Required
NNA Deed Restriction Certificate of City Building
Activity Approval Appropriateness Permit
Paint the house or garage NO NO NO
Replace a roof with same material NO NO YES
Foundation repair / leveling NO NO YES
Interior remodeling NO NO YES
Attic conversion w/o roof alteration NO NO YES
General electrical work NO NO YES
General plumbing work NO NO YES
Attic conversion with roof alteration YES YES YES
Second story addition YES YES YES
Add-on to side or rear of house YES YES YES
Enclose front porch YES YES YES
Raise height of house YES YES YES
New home construction YES YES YES
Build a garage / carport YES YES YES
Build a front porch YES YES YES
Build a back deck NO NO YES
Build a fence (must be less than 8ft tall) YES NO NO
Any demolition YES YES YES
Any relocation YES YES YES
Alter / replace siding YES YES YES
Replace / relocate windows YES YES YES
Replace / relocate doors YES YES YES
Add burglar bars NO NO YES
Landscaping NO NO NO
NOTE : The information contained in this document is representative of neighborhood and city requirements but is not all-inclusive or binding.
It is your responsibility as a homeowner to see that all appropriate approvals and permits are obtained before construction activities commence.
All North and East Norhill residents are highly encouraged to contact NNA and city representatives during the planning of any home remodeling.