Home Restoration Guidelines

Congratulations to all North and East Norhill residents for helping to establish the Norhill Historic District! Both new and old residents alike can consider it a privilege to be living in Houston’s largest historic district. Remember, with privilege comes responsibility. As you read about these responsibilities, take into account that not only is a historic district meant to preserve the past but also pave a way for the future by preserving quality of life issues in the process.

Key Architectural Features to Preserve

  • 1920’s Bungalow Style
  • Street Appearance
  • Building Materials
  • Roof Line

Deed Restrictions

As always, remodeling and construction plans must first be submitted to NNA’s deed restriction committee. Once approval from NNA is obtained then applications to the city must be submitted.

Building Permits

The intent of the city’s preservation ordinance is to educate property owners about the unique and distinctive architectural features of their homes and to preserve and enhance the character of the neighborhood. The ordinance stipulates that a Certificate of Appropriateness (CofA) must be obtained before a building permit can be issued if a property is located within a historic district. The city offers free architectural assistance to the homeowner while the application for CofA is prepared. Once the CofA and building permit is obtained, construction activities can begin immediately.

Features NOT Regulated

  • Paint Color
  • Interior Remodeling

Remember that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to see that all appropriate approvals and permits are obtained before construction activities commence.

All North and East Norhill residents are highly encouraged to contact City of Houston Historic Preservation Officer and NNA Vice President of Deed Restrictions (see Contact Us) before the planning of your home remodeling.