Block Captain Program

Our new Block Captain Program is helping bridge the gap between the NNA board and our 865 property owners. This program will help us better communicate the activities of our association, as well as understand the priorities of our residents. We have about 20 volunteers for that program so far, but we need at least 20 more. The key person in any Neighborhood Watch group is the Block Captain. This person is an integral component to keeping the block actively involved in crime prevention efforts as well as the important process of information exchange between neighbors.Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.02.36 AM

Block Captains Needed!

Are you a spectator or participant in Norhill activities? We are looking for additional “block captains” to improve communications among Norhillians and help maximize the results of our social programs and community service projects. Each Block Captain would be responsible for approximately 20 houses. The Block Captain duties would be developed over time, with input from the actual volunteers who agree to serve. A recent organizational meeting was held to begin identifying possible responsibilities for block captains. Three general areas were discussed:

  1. Improved communications- This includes such things as making sure residents are receiving Norhill News and that it is addressed properly. We also want to inform residents of our email notification system and invite people to sign up for that if they haven’t already done so. Block captains will be notified when special events and programs need resident involvement and will help “spread the word” to get the highest possible level of participation. For example, the homeowner survey regarding remodeling guidelines that was recently mailed to property owners was discussed, and block captains were encouraged to ask their block neighbors to look for it and fill it out. We will also be seeking to inform residents about information that is available on our website, and our facebook page.
  2. Social Events– Block captains will be encouraged to invite neighbors to social events, such as the First Friday Happy Hours and seasonal events like the August 1st Ice Cream Social and the annual Member Appreciation Dinner. They will also talk up Special Interest groups like the bicycling club and dinner club. We keep hoping other special interest groups will form, like a bridge club for example. Maybe this will be an outgrowth of the block captain program. Sometimes it’s intimidating to attend something for the first time. Our block captains will be alert for opportunities to pair up Norhillians who wish to go to something but never have worked up the nerve to actually do it. Once you’re there, you’ll see how much fun it is and look forward to the next time.
  3. Welcome Wagon- People move in and out of a neighborhood all the time, and it’s always nice if someone knocks on your door and welcomes you to the neighborhood. We’ve had welcome kits in the past, but one person can’t act as a welcoming committee for a neighborhood of over 850 homes. We think the block captain program, with forty sets of eyes and ears, will do a much better job of assimilating new folks into the Norhill family. The more you know about your neighbors and the activities of our neighborhood, the more you can enjoy living here.

We currently have about twenty of our forty-four blocks covered with new volunteers, and we’re actively seeking more. Each block captain has agreed to stay in touch with approximately 20 residents. If you would be willing to serve as a Block Captain, or if you would be willing to help recruit others to serve in that capacity, please contact Mike Clennan at 713-864-1204  or email at