Crime & Security


Crime in progress? CALL 911!

If you see something suspicious:

Write down a description of the suspicious person(s). Height, weight, age, clothing, complexion, tattoos, whatever. The make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle.

CALL the Houston Police Department Dispatch (713) 884-3131. They will send a patrol officer to investigate.

What is suspicious?

Basically anything that seems even slightly “out of place” for the area or the time of day or night.

As part of the Positive Interaction Program (P.I.P.), you can also use this  Citizens Complaint Form to report problems to the Central District Two storefront.

Tired of Graffiti?

Call the City of Houston’s Graffiti Reporting Hotline at (713) 437-6833  or by calling 311 and REPORT IT! The city can’t clean it up if they don’t know about it!

PPNA – Post a notice – warn your neighbors!

Let all of us know when, where, and what happened. Knowledge is power when dealing with thieves and crooks. When all of us know what tactics they are using, we can better protect our persons and property.


Registered Sexual Offenders reside in every zip code in Houston and 77009 has some. The Texas Department of Safety (DPS) has established a Web site as the official Internet source for Sex Offender Registration information. The Sex Offender Registration open record information is extracted from the DPS Sex Offender Registration Database. The DPS maintains files based on registration information submitted by criminal justice agencies and is a statewide source of information on sex offenders who are required by law to register. The DPS Web site is searchable by various fields, including by zip codes.

Registered Sexual Offenders live in our zip code and our neighborhood. To determine if any Registered Sexual Offenders live near you, click here to access the DPS Web site. Click on “I have read the Web Site Caveats and agree to the terms” at the bottom of the DPS web page. Type “77009” in the zip code box and click on Begin Search. The next screen has the name and residence address of each Sexual Offender. Click the Icon to the left of each name and you will get all the public information about and a photo of each Sexual Offender.