Deed Restrictions

Please Note: The official name of our association was changed in October, 2011 from Proctor Plaza Neighborhood Association to Norhill Neighborhood Association to eliminate confusion and better reflect our origins as the Norhill development pioneered by William and Michael Hogg and the Stude family led by Henry Stude.

Questions about Deed Restrictions?

the Director of Deed Compliance can be contacted via email at

Property in the East and North Norhill Additions are subject to Declarations of Restrictions, which are duly recorded and filed of Record in the Real Property records of Harris County, Texas. Property may not be used in violation of these Deed Restrictions.

These Deed Restrictions provide in various sections that “All Properties shall be used for residential purposes only”; “No Lots shall be used for any type of business or commercial purpose.”; and “No noxious or offensive activity of any sort shall be permitted, nor shall anything be done on any Lot which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance.”

PPNA has the right to file a lawsuit to enforce our deed restrictions.

The Texas Property Code § 202.004(b) provides: 

“A property owners’ association or other representative designated by an owner of real property may initiate, defend, or intervene in litigation or an administrative proceeding affecting the enforcement of a restrictive covenant or the protection, preservation, or operation of the property covered by the dedicatory instrument.”

The Texas Property Code § 202.004(c) provides:

“A court may assess civil damages for the violation of a restrictive covenant in an amount not to exceed $200 for each day of the violation.”

Finally, the Texas Property Code § 5.006 provides:

“Attorney Fees in Breach of Restrictions Covenant Action (a) In an action based on breach of a restrictive covenant pertaining to real property, the court shall allow to a prevailing party who asserted the action reasonable attorney’s fees in addition to the party’s costs and claim.”

The Officers and Directors of PPNA are determined to enforce our Deed Restrictions. We are ready, willing, and able to do so through the power of persuasion or by litigation.

Any improvements, alterations, or additions to the exterior of a home require prior PPNA approval.

See Guidelines for Home Restoration for details on Construction Approval Requirements.

Click here to download
North Norhill Addition Deed Restrictions

(Adobe PDF format)
Click here to download
East Norhill Addition Deed Restrictions

(Adobe PDF format)

The East Norhill and North Norhill Addition Deed Restrictions are virtually identical. The only significant difference is that in East Norhill Addition, those houses that face Proctor Plaza Park must have a brick exterior.

Recorded copies of the deed restrictions can be obtained from the Harris County Clerk’s Office. Most title companies provide copies of the applicable deed restrictions to the purchaser of any property located within either Norhill Addition.

Reporting Suspected Violations 

If you suspect that a use violates our community’s deed restrictions regarding the any of the following areas:

  • building use
  • setbacks of structures or fences
  • lot and/or building size
  • building height
  • number of structures on lot
  • building materials stored on site